Waikaraka Cemetery is in Neilson Street, Te Papapa, Auckland. There are 41 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war and 11 of the 1939-1945 war here.

World War 1:
Photo Service No Rank Name Unit Date of Death
8/307A Lieutenant Colonel LUXFORD, JOHN ALDRED CMG N.Z. Chaplains’ Dept. 28th January 1921
9/1573 Private HOOD, JAMES N.Z. Engineers 8th November 1918
38541 Lance Corporal KELSALL, CYRIL JEFFERY N.Z. Rifle Brigade 25th November 1918
23133 Corporal BADDILEY, AUGUSTUS GEORGE N.Z. Rifle Brigade 23rd August 1920
24/175 Rifleman HENDERSON, THOMAS GORDON N.Z. Rifle Brigade 7th January 1919
12/1424 Lance Corporal GRIFFITHS, HUGH ERNEST Auckland Regiment 17th November 1918
40550 Private GRUPEN, WILLIAM FREDERICK Auckland Regiment 14th November 1918
25/1127 Rifleman GILCHRIST, HENRY CLIFFORD N.Z. Rifle Brigade 10th March 1917
38762 Company Serjeant Major SMITH, JAMES READSHAW Auckland Regiment 10th July 1919
21418 Sapper OGDEN, GEORGE N.Z. Engineers 23rd September 1919
12/2905 Captain SENIOR, CHARLES HASTINGS ALEXANDER MC Auckland Regiment 27th October 1918
4/1585 Serjeant RAFFERTY, WALTER HERBERT Tunnelling Coy., N.Z. Engineers 27th March 1920
26/949 Private WHELAN, WILLIAM N.Z. Training Unit 20th December 1915
28743 Private LYE, ERNEST VICTOR Auckland Regiment 19th November 1918
24082 Private THOMSON, ROBERT Otago Regiment 19th September 1919
24468 Private WREN, JOHN WILLIAM Auckland Regiment 15th December 1918
64351 Private ROGERS, WALTER MERTHYR N.Z. Training Unit 12th November 1918
21189 Private BLAIKIE, ALFRED JAMES Auckland Regiment 22nd September 1917
28777 Private O’DEA, JACK ANDREW Auckland Regiment 24th October 1917
24/1419 Rifleman LUTHER, WILLIAM JOHN N.Z. Rifle Brigade 26th November 1919
4/1398 Serjeant WORTH, WILLIAM HENRY Tunnelling Coy., N.Z. Engineers 20th February 1921
12359 Private DELAHUNTY, PATRICK Auckland Regiment 13th June 1919
13/271 Serjeant BAGNALL, GEORGE STEVENSON N.Z. Field Artillery 18th November 1918
13/1087 Trooper ROBINS, ARTHUR Auckland Mounted Rifles 29th November 1919
13/645 Trooper DEACON, FRANCIS Auckland Mounted Rifles 14th October 1920
28731 Private JEROME, BENJAMIN LEON N.Z. Training Unit 27th July 1916
42979 Gunner MOORE, CHARLES ARTHUR N.Z. Field Artillery 22nd May 1921
3/1385 Private CLEMENS, ROY MM N.Z. Medical Corps 3rd November 1918
301326 Staff Serjeant McLENNAN, MURDOCK Tank Corps., BEF 12th May 1920
2/3168 Gunner CHILTON, HENRY GEORGE N.Z. Field Artillery 15th April 1916
24/170 Rifleman HARRIS, WILLIAM N.Z. Training Unit 5th July 1915
13/593 Corporal PALMER, DAVID HUNTER Auckland Mounted Rifles 13th May 1920
12/3603 C.Q.M.S. CUTHBERTSON, WILLIAM JAMES MM Auckland Regiment 22nd April 1920
39569 Private WALTON, ALFRED HARDY Auckland Regiment 15th November 1918
2/1061 Gunner McNAIR, ALEXANDER N.Z. Field Artillery 14th January 1918
26897 Private NUGENT, THOMAS N.Z. Training Unit 5th September 1916
Private McREYNOLDS, FREDERICK N.Z. Training Unit 26th December 1916
27803 Private FISH, SAMUEL HENRY N.Z. Machine Gun Corps 18th July 1920
Private GRIBBLE, ERNEST SAMUEL N.Z. Training Unit 23rd July 1915
Private McKINSTRY, LESLIE GORDON N.Z. Training Unit 29th September 1915
Private MAGEE, SAMUEL RUSSELL N.Z. Training Unit 13th October 1915
Post World War 1: (Died after the War from disease contracted or wounds inflicted during WW1.  Not on CWGC database)
Photo Service No Rank Name Unit Date of Death
9/1819 Driver DURRANT. W.J. Field Artillery 26th Jan 1923
35639 Sapper HENDRY. F.D. Engineers 6th June 1925
2/1201 Gunner SMITH, Frederick Charles Field Artillery 10th Aug 1922
74105 Private McCLOSKEY, J.M. 37th Reinforcement 31st Aug 1928
6/2340 Private HUTCHISON, S. 5th Reinforcement 8th May 1923
World War 2:
Photo Service No Rank Name Unit Date of Death
412657 Pilot Officer COLDHAM, GEOFFREY THOMAS RNZAF 11th Jun 1942
38653 Private NEWTON, JAMES WILLIAM N.Z. Military Forces 15th Apr 1942
23216 Serjeant STOCKWELL, LEONARD WINSTON N.Z. Artillery 24th May 1944
402845 Flight Lieutenant BOUCHER, HILLIARD ERNEST RNZAF 13th Feb 1945
416102 Pilot Officer ELLIOTT, MASON IRVINE RNZAF 23rd Aug 1942
41983 Corporal HEDLUND, JAMES OSCAR N.Z. Ordnance Corps 10th Sept 1943
416125 Flight Sergeant McDOUGALL, DOUGLAS HAIG RNZAF 19th Dec 1943
425373 Flight Sergeant CARLSEN, IRVING FAIRFAX RNZAF 2nd Nov 1944
1/8C/7 Serjeant DUNCAN, HENRY CLYDE N.Z. Medical Corps 1st Dec 1941
1/22/113 Corporal O’BRIEN, CHARLES JOHN N.Z. Military Forces 8th Jan 1941
5/1/1109 Private HEWITT, WILLIAM HENRY N.Z. Military Forces 6th Aug 1942
Photographs and Research by Phil Lascelles
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