Polystyrene Pods

Waffle pods are polystyrene void formers used in the construction of concrete slabs for homes and commercial buildings. They reduce foundation cracks, soil movement and the amount of concrete required.

After hundreds of waffle pods were blown off building sites at West Dapto and Wongawilli in July, Wollongong Council was left to clean up the pollution on public land and local waterways. Builders can help to alleviate this issue by recycling EPS scrap through EPSA’s Pod Scrap Bag Program.


StyroPod is an insulated EPS pod that has been specifically designed for the Australian market. It is a lightweight, durable and highly effective insulation system that offers superior thermal performance. StyroPod is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, which makes it suitable for almost any application. It is also easy to install and will not affect the structural integrity of your project.

It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional insulation products and complies with all relevant Australian building codes and standards. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial and industrial projects. StyroPod EPS waffle pods are also fire-rated and comply with AS 1537.2.

StyroPod is available in varying thicknesses, from 50mm up to 200mm. The thicker versions are ideal for higher-rise buildings and for use as a ceiling insulation system in commercial constructions. In addition to being an excellent thermal insulator, StyroPod is also environmentally friendly and has low odours. This is because it is made from a recycled polystyrene foam. Its odourless characteristics make it perfect for use in areas where odours may be an issue, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is also a good choice for areas that require soundproofing, such as bedrooms.

Diamond Pod

The Diamond Pod is an all-in-one disposable device that delivers a powerful vaping experience. It has a unique design and is made of different reusable materials to help save the planet. The Diamond Pod is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry. It can be used on any compatible PAX device, and comes with a high-performance rechargeable battery. It is a great choice for newcomers to the world of vaping and provides a simple, clean, and efficient way to enjoy the world of cannabis.

The new Diamond Pod by PAX is a premium cannabis experience in a portable and reliable Era pod. It features THCA diamonds, which are the purest form of THC. THCA diamonds are extracted directly from the marijuana plant and free from non-cannabis additives and residual solvents.

The pods are available in a variety of flavors and are pre-filled with premium marijuana. Featuring a new high-performance atomizer that delivers the most flavorful and potent hits, the Diamond Pod is perfect for any occasion. Choose from a range of fruity flavors, including Refreshing Mint, Blue Razz, Strawberry Ice Cream, Lychee Ice, Orange Soda, and Pineapple Ice. You can also choose from a range of relaxing effects, including Wedding Cake, a classic Cali hybrid created by Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.


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Unlike conventional concrete slabs, the Diamond pod system is quicker and easier to install because it doesn’t require excavating footings or building a block perimeter wall around the foundations. This helps to save on construction time and costs.

Additionally, the diamond polystyrene pods have natural air pockets that help to prevent heat loss and gain. This significantly improves the energy efficiency of a building. In fact, far more energy is saved during the lifetime of a building that uses XPS than was used in its manufacturing process.

Using a revolutionary void former like the Diamond pod makes it possible to construct a stronger, better engineered slab in half the time. This allows for greater control during construction and is particularly useful for concrete slabs built on a raft or floating slab system.

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