IMEX – Where the Meetings Industry Comes Together

IMEX brings together the entire meetings industry under one roof. Whether you are a meeting or event planner, a buyer, association professional, or agency director, you’ll find inspiration, knowledge and connections.

Education programming starts on EduMonday with a series of sessions including She Means Business, and AVoice4All, a special day focused on diversity and inclusivity.

Meet key decision makers

IMEX is where the global business events community converges annually. From meeting planners, event agencies and association executives to incentive travel buyers and in-house experts, a wealth of qualified, targeted contacts are gathered under one roof.

Our exhibitor directory allows visitors to search for suppliers and schedule meetings online, while our dedicated networking events – including a first-timers tour – ensure that newcomers to the show can meet the right people at the right time. With 64% of attendees at VP, director and C-suite level, you can expect high-level discussions around leadership topics and industry outlooks.

IMEX also offers a comprehensive package of specialist education – EduMonday on Monday 20 May and a range of free sessions in the Inspiration Hub. From AI and event tech to metaverse and NFTs, you can immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge to help your business grow.

Expand your knowledge horizons

There is a substantial amount of redundant data present in protein-protein interaction databases, i.e. the same papers have been curated by multiple resources to different depths or following differing annotation rules. One of the main aims of IMEx is to achieve a non-redundant set of publications for users to search, with each paper appearing once in the dataset and the protein-protein interaction data fully captured by a consistent curation rule.

To ensure that this goal is achieved, the IMEx consortium has begun to implement measures for mutual quality control. These include a PSI validator [24] which checks releases not just for syntactic conformance but also for compliance with the PSI-MI ontology and a series of IMEx curation rules.

Furthermore, a common tagging system for IMEx records allows all registered IMEx PSICQUIC services to provide access to the same IMEx set of data by simply entering the unique identifier for a query. This minimizes the overhead of regular full copying of complex interaction records between databases.

Tailor-made meeting experiences

Whether you are an association executive, agency head, business owner or in-house event manager, IMEX can offer you tailored meeting experiences. From specialist education sessions to a range of events, both on and off the trade show floor, we’re here to help you grow your career.

The free professional education program offers ground-breaking keynotes and awesome headliners, hands-on workshops, and one-to-one time with experts. You can choose from 150+ education sessions over four days.

Carina explains that to deliver EduMonday Live, they had to pull together a superstar team of their own internal staff and project managers from Streamlined Communications, along with Cvent’s broadcasting experts to make sure everything ran smoothly and the audience was engaged at all times. This integration also provided valuable data insights for IMEX, which Carina is now using to inform her future events.

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