5 Features of Whangarei Childcare


If you are considering Whangarei childcare, then you are on the right track. It offers quality education and care for your child, a strong service curriculum, and an environment rich in language. Children will also benefit from TECH STACK, a technology program for preschoolers, and a range of special events. Listed below are some of the features of Whangarei childcare. They are sure to impress your little one!
Back2Nature Childcare

For parents looking for quality child care services in Whangarei, consider Back2Nature Childcare in Kamo. This home-based child care service is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and employs educators with a passion for caring for children. Their program emphasizes nature learning and outdoor activities. The care centre has three locations: Whangarei, Manawawhia, and Dagvaville.
Step Ahead Childcare

If you’re looking for a quality child care provider in Whangarei, consider Step Ahead Childcare. This privately-owned centre offers a high-quality early childhood education program that supports children’s learning and development. Teachers at Step Ahead are qualified and passionate about the young people they serve. You can find Step Ahead Childcare locations in Manawawahi, DARGAVILLE, and Whangarei.
Avenues EduCare

Avenues EduCare is a community-based school that caters to children aged between three and 10 years. The centre offers high-quality childcare, including nutritious meals for children. Its philosophy is to empower children from different backgrounds to be active and confident in their world. The centre is rated four out of five stars by ERO. Parents are welcome to rate Avenues EduCare on our website.
Step Ahead specialise in the education and care of 3-5 year olds

Step Ahead is a child care centre that specialises in the education and care of children from birth to five years of age. Step Ahead was granted a full licence in December 2016, and the owner took over as centre manager in September 2018. The centre aims to foster positive interactions between adults and children. The premises are fully equipped with the latest toys and resources, and the adults involved in the care of the children are friendly and engaging.
Step Ahead is a community-based early childhood education centre

The child care services offered at Step Ahead Childcare Centre are highly regarded and provide a high quality environment for young children. The staff are highly trained and dedicated to helping children develop as well as become confident learners. The centre is located in three locations: Whangarei, Manawawahi and DARGAVILLE. Parents can enroll their preschool-aged children online or visit the centres in person.
Step Ahead is a home-based provider

Providing home-based care for your child is a great way to ensure that your child has the best possible start in life. Step Ahead is a home-based childcare provider that offers education and childcare for 3-5 year-olds. They focus on the development of children’s social, physical and cognitive abilities. They also provide educational programs for your child that promote their social and educational advancement.
Step Ahead caters to children ages 0-5 years

For parents looking for a home away from home for their little ones, there’s no better place to turn than Step Ahead, a privately-owned early learning centre in Kamo. The centre is licensed to cater for 30 children (FTE) and has three fully-qualified teachers, with a fourth on the way. Its staff focus on respect, kindness, responsibility, and fun.

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